Author Topic: U20 Mast Lifting Assist Devices: Anyone interested if I make another batch?  (Read 405 times)

Michael Eisenberg

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Is there any interest in another run of the mast lifting assist devices?  Over the years, I've had perhaps a half dozen requests.  But I now have a request for one, no matter the cost.  So I'm going to make one, or some.  The more I make, the less they will cost.  Who is in?  Here is the video I posted years ago:


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Hi Michael,

Yes, I would be interested in purchasing one of your mast lifting devices.  As an owner in my mid-60s, its pretty hard on the back these days to make that lift when stepping the mast.  I'm willing to cover your cost for materials and labor plus a reasonable profit.  Thanks for considering a re-run of this device!  Eric  U20 134 Carpe Diem.   

Razzle Dazzle

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I would be interested in the mast lifting device depending upon the cost.