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U20 General Discussion / Re: spinnaker
« Last post by allentownsend on Today at 11:17:52 AM »
Tim,  thanks for your comments.
I am not sure that I can describe this well, but here goes. 

My current class spinnaker was original to the boat, #7, and I would like to get a new one for next season.

I sail primarily single handed on a lake shaped somewhat like a dog bone.  It is 5 miles long and a mile wide; in the narrow center section it gets down to about 1/2 mile wide.  There are steep hills on either side of the narrow section creating a wind channel which invites the use of the spinnaker.  I like to sail to one end, set the kite and sail down the lake.  Most of the time the spinnaker works really well.  Since I like to use the spinnaker, it is hard for me to resist even when the wind is up and a bit off of a direct path down the lake.   However, when the wind is not right down the channel; around 10-13 mph; and gusting higher I sometimes have trouble in the narrow section.  I am probably sailing nearly as close to the wind as the spinnaker will allow.  On the gust, I turn down to keep the boat on its feet .  That could point me toward a very near shore.  To douse the chute I need to turn further down wind which is more directly at the shore.  At 8 to 10 mph you can go 1/4 mile pretty quickly. Currently in this situation, I luff the chute and sail to windward on the main to make room, and then dress the chute again.  It is not very pretty.

The obvious solution is to not put up the chute unless the wind is right.  However, I am looking for an answer that is more fun. 
I see two options. 

One option is to get a new spinnaker and continue with the way I am currently sailing the boat.  I may need to be a bit more conservative about putting up the spinnaker if I cannot hold the boat as close to the wind as I can with my current one.  A variation of this is to also get a top down furler so if I need to bail, I can take the spinnaker in more quickly.  Since taking in the spinnaker sailing single handed is a bit of a challenge for me anyway (i do not have an automatic pilot), this could be a worthwhile improvement.

Option 2 is to get a code 0 headsail which will allow me to handle these conditions without all the drama and luffing, and continue to use my existing spinnakers when the wind is more ideal.

This seems like a long description, but if anyone has any comments or suggestions I would appreciate them.  I am looking to order something this fall for next season.

Thanks for any thoughts or comments.

u20 #7
U20 General Discussion / Re: Outboard bracket
« Last post by TimPorter on Today at 07:15:07 AM »
Some previous owner of my boat through bolted a bracket on the back.  I can't remove the bracket.  The mast support has another contraption that was custom built to fit on the motor mount.  Not quite as nice as the original in my opinion but also not worth changing.  I doubt I will ever lose the motor mount though. 
U20 General Discussion / Re: spinnaker
« Last post by TimPorter on Today at 07:05:24 AM »
The spinnakers have certainly evolved quite a bit since the boat was introduced.  What are you mostly doing with the boat.  Under very specific wind direction and velocity I imagine a Code 0 would be good.  I think some people have played with them in PHRF.  I don't think the boat needs it.  I would however invest in a good spin.  Three main places to go would be Ullman (Newport), Glaser, or Boston Doyle (last name not the place).  I personally sail with Ullman.  I think the key is what you are doing with the boat though. 
U20 General Discussion / Re: Outboard bracket
« Last post by olyjeff on September 19, 2018, 11:01:28 PM »
Thanks for the pics.
U20 General Discussion / spinnaker
« Last post by allentownsend on September 19, 2018, 10:50:31 AM »
I am looking to get a new spinnaker or a code 0 headsail. 

 I read on the forum somewhere that the original spinnakers were much smaller (smaller shoulders) than the current spinnakers.  Can anyone comment on if this is true and the differences?  I have the class spinnaker that came with my boat, U20#7.

Also, Does anyone have experience using a code 0 on the U20? 

Has anyone used a top down furler with a code 0 or spinnaker?


U20 General Discussion / Re: Outboard bracket
« Last post by allentownsend on September 19, 2018, 09:53:51 AM »
To the original post...  I think a pin is a good idea for the motor mount and the mast crutch.  I remember someone posting quite some time ago that the mast crutch came loose while they were trailering their boat.  It seems like cheap insurance.  I attached some annotated pictures of the pin that came with my boat.

To the comments on the Torqeedo etc.....  I have been using Torqeedo motors for almost 10 years.  They are fantastic for my use.  It is particularly suited to motoring the boat in tight conditions.  It allows slowing down to a crawl without stalling out.  It reverses without the side kick from spinning the motor, and can break either hard or very softly.

I started with the 2hp travel version with the black battery.  I found that the motor mount flexed under load.  I do not think they sell that version any more.  When they came out with the 1003, I upgraded to it.  It has great power, control, and a longer range that its predecessor.  I have used it for 5 seasons now.  I love it.

It does have a lock down so that it will not kick up when used in reverse. 

I had some difficulty with it shutting down when I switched from forward to reverse quickly.  You need a short hesitation at the stop position.  When I mentioned this to Torqeedo, they already had a software update that programs a very slight pause even if you do not pause it yourself.

I typically leave the motor on the motor mount while day sailing.  I added a piece under the tiller which catches on my motor mount.  It holds the motor in the lifted position with the battery up and keeps the motor from flopping around.

This year I got the larger battery.  The upgrade to the 1003 from the first model was a huge improvement when used with the U20.  The larger 915wh batter (which comes with the 1003c) has about 70% more power. I used to have sufficient range with the 530wh battery. Now, at least for my usage, I have plenty to spare.  I still check the battery level, but no longer worry about it, even when the wind picks up and I know that I will need more power to get home.

If you can live with the range and price, it is a great choice!


U20 General Discussion / Re: Kick up rudder
« Last post by allentownsend on September 19, 2018, 08:46:21 AM »
The rudder in the photo is mine.  Some time ago USI offered it as a prototype.  I believe it is an Antrim design. I sent my standard rudder to USI, they modified it by removing the gudgeons, filling the holes, and adding the pivot hole. It used a pin in front of the rudder to hold it up (as in the picture) or moved behind the rudder to hold it in the down position.

Since I got it, I have modified it to fit a bit better and added two lines one to raise it and the other to hold it in the down position.  I am attaching pictures that I took of the modifications.  It is much better to have the rudder out of the water for forward movement of the boat because if it is in the water, the tiller sweeps the deck when you turn.  If it is out of the water, backing is also much easier.

I have used it as modified for probably 10 years and it has worked well in all types of conditions.

U20 #7
U20 Regattas - Where, When & Who's Going! / Re: 2018 North Americans (Official Thread!)
« Last post by TimPorter on September 19, 2018, 07:23:23 AM »
One more day to register without a late fee.  If you are even remotely thinking about it you should get off the fence and come.  Lake Norman is a great place to sail in late September.  We can help with lodging, food, beer, and boat storage.  We might even have a boat to charter (charter is a strong word; borrow might be better). 

You are welcome to leave your boat and come back to sail in the Carolina Keel-boat One Design regatta held at Lake Norman Yacht Club on Nov. 10-11.
U20 Boat Maintenance & Care / Re: Wind indicator/windex
« Last post by olyjeff on September 18, 2018, 07:57:54 PM »
That's interesting. The set up guide from this site shows a different mount. Just a single hole up top which is how mine is set up.
U20 Regattas - Where, When & Who's Going! / Re: 2018 North Americans (Official Thread!)
« Last post by Venti on September 17, 2018, 08:55:33 AM »
Glad to hear y’all made it through.
It appears one of the crew is going to have to drop out. Does anyone know someone who might be interested in crewing?

Fair warning we will closer to the back of the pack than the front
Bryan Colby
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