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Thanks Travis for posting!  That entire site is still under construction but the U20 page should be good.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  Sandpoint is a great venue to come visit and sail.  There are good places to stay and great spots to throw out a tent if you prefer.  We have nice winds in late August and they build into September.  The Thistle class is coming for their NA's in July - they are planning on 70 boats.  So the race committee should be in top form for our regatta.  Here is a link to their site
Hope to see you all there!
U20 Boat Maintenance & Care / Re: Compression Post
« Last post by Chris Chambers on January 15, 2019, 10:37:22 PM »
I guess it goes aft per Barry B from the old USI days. Trouble is the cabin top and deck pan compress there and this the vertical opening is smaller. More to come.
Annoucements from the President / 2019 Class Dues
« Last post by Travis Gregory on January 14, 2019, 09:55:15 PM »
From:  Emily Jones - U20 Class Treasurer:

Hello U20 Owners and Happy New Year!
I am attaching the 2019 U20 Class Dues Invoice.
         Active Members (Boat owners) and Associate Members (Co-Owners, crew or other Class supporters)  both pay $55.00/year.
         Lifetime Members,  please complete the Owner information and return to me.
Please note that you have 2 options for payment:
1.       Print the Invoice Form, and mail the completed form to the address at the top along with a check made payable to U20 Class Association.
2.       Make payment with PayPal at:   In this case, please complete your personal information on the form and email it back to me.
I will mail the 2019 U20 Class Sticker to your home address, so it is important to have your full address details.

If you have sold your boat, it would be great to know who the new owner is so we can add them to our Class listing.
Please contact me with any questions!

Thanks, Emily

U20 Class Secretary/Treasurer
Emily Jones
treasurer at
U20 Boat Maintenance & Care / Compression Post
« Last post by Chris Chambers on January 13, 2019, 07:57:17 PM »
Hey, does anyone have any ideas on how to remove the compression post?  The tabs/plates on either end are big enough to keep you from pushing one end either fore/aft or to the side. Thx
From Regatta Chair - Donna W!

The regatta will be in Monterey, three days of racing on April 26-27-28.  We are currently soliciting our club members to provide free housing for everyone who wants it. This is a big weekend for the Monterey Peninsula, because the Big Sur Marathon is also being held on Sunday, April 28. Hotels and short-term rentals will be expensive, so we are hoping to get everyone situated in comfortable beds nearby private homes.

The event website can be accessed through the link from the MPYC website 

or directly through the Regatta Network page at:

I hope you will come to Monterey to race with us!
U20 General Discussion / Re: Is U20 right choice for me?
« Last post by europa on January 08, 2019, 06:05:20 PM »
Thank you Tac for the enthusiastic recommendation, especially in light of your wide experience. Just the kind of feedback I need.
Thank you Chris for the equally positive review, and additional info.
U20 General Discussion / Re: Is U20 right choice for me?
« Last post by Chris Chambers on January 08, 2019, 05:09:41 PM »
Hi Eurpoa!

+1 to Tac's comments.  I have not sailed as many boats as he, but by far, the most fun I have had sailing is on the U20.  I single hand mine often and yes, it is quite comfortable and dry (the lip on the hull deck joint helps knock down the bow spray in a breeze).  One of our local U20's had slugs installed on his main sail to east the hoist and douse, which I thought was a good idea for single handed sailing.  Another point you (and friends) will find nice is the stability of the boat as you board. 

I run mine with just a 2.5hp Yamaha and it's all the boat needs.  And of course the ramp launching is super nice.  Looking at what $15K buys you today at the boat show vs a U20 and it's an impressive value. 

You are close enough to Tac and the Detroit fleet to have some good road trips if you are so inclined!

Good Luck!
U20 General Discussion / Re: Is U20 right choice for me?
« Last post by Tac Boston on January 08, 2019, 03:48:53 PM »
Good day Europa

I have sailed all of the options you mention and the U-20 is for sure the "easiest" to sail. By that I mean least physical of them all. I am lucky to sail a bunch of different boats like the J-70, Melges 20/24, Viper and VX. For everyday sailing including beer can racing the U-20 is the best bang for buck. Sure the other boats are maybe a bit fast or have huge fleets if you travel but the U-20 is fantastic and the U-20 sailors are a great group of people that are always helpful if you have questions.

I like the so much I acquired another this past summer.
Tac Boston
Flyer #28
U20 Boat Maintenance & Care / Re: Spinnaker exit block assembly for aluminum mast.
« Last post by Tac Boston on January 08, 2019, 03:45:03 PM »
I tried calling Abbotts today as it is a local call for me, but there was no answer. I will try again tomorrow and see if they have any left and how much they are.
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